In the park, on the edge of river Garonne, we built a genuine Finish sauna, with a Finish wood stove containing volcanic stones. Having a sauna is a wonderful time of relaxing and sharing.


Instructions to use the sauna

You may underdress in the changing room. Bathing robes will be available.

When entering the sauna, it has been heated by the wood stove and the temperature reaches 80-90°C on the upper row. If you find this to hot, you can seat on the lower rows.

On the stove, there are sauna stones resistant to heat shock and store warmth. Therefore, they are very hot. You can throw water on them, to create the so-called

"löyly" (pronounce leulu), a sudden puff of steam. You can do this several times.

The sauna heath, dry when you enter, is then moisten with löyly, and the water that so,n cover your skin is not (only) sweat, as if often thought, but the condensed löyly.


When you feel so, you can go outside on the terrace. Even when the weather is cold, it is very pleasant to go in and out to enjoy fresh air and view on the River.

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